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Topical Studies

Over the years we've had many topical studies.  Most of these are taken directly from the Scriptures, and all are expected to accord with the Scriptures.  Browse and enjoy!

Doctrinal Studies

Parables - A selection of parables of Christ, ordered by topic.

Death and Dying - a short series on how a Christian should die - and what happens next.

Family Life - a short series in response to contemporary trends in the church.

Eastside Core Values - an examination of "Pursue God, Build Community and Unleash Compassion."

King Solomon's Advice to President Obama - what the wisest king of ancient times would have to say to our leader today.

Modesty - a study on the subject for older Christians.

Christian Ethics - contemporary problems in Christian Ethics

Apologetics - an all too brief study in the defense of the faith.

Christianity 101 - This series presents the basics of the faith in 10  lessons. The class was not particularly enthused over this study, which is really designed for inquirers and new Christians.

Wealth and Poverty - A short series - only three lessons - how much damage could it do?  It may change the way you view money;  it may convince you that you're rich - or poor.  Based upon the classic lessons of St. John Chrysostom, the greatest preacher the church has ever known, this is a series to be read slowly - and with much caution.

Worship and Service - This may be a particularly disturbing series to those who believe that worship is simply a little music to wrap around the sermon.  It is not;  what you do in worship is the symbolic expression of what you should be doing in your Christian life.  You don't think so?  Your attention to this series is hereby invited.

Sermon on the Mount - One of the most quoted sections of the Bible, it is probably the most formal message Jesus ever delivered.  It is a diamond worth examining closely. 

The Holy Spirit - If you're a Pentecostal Christian you probably won't like this one.  All the rest might find some new thoughts here;  new, because they haven't been heard lately.

Christian Submission - If there is a word which causes most Christian wives to boil, it's "submission."  That's because we don't understand the use of authority and submission - despite our Lord's clear example.  One lesson only.

How to Have an A+ Preacher - A lot of people didn't like this lesson.  So we put it down towards  the bottom.  Is it really that bad?


Kings of Israel - a study of some of the kings of Israel and Judah.

Life of Christ I - Meet the Master;  you will never be the same again.  This series is based on an older series done at another church - a series which changed this teacher's life.  If you could read only one series on this web site, this is it.  (NOTE:  this is the older series.  It's worth your time, as we deliberately did not duplicate much in the newer series).!

Life of Christ II - a new study in the life of the Master. This is the supreme subject of study for the Christian.  If you have to pick exactly one study from this site, this is it.  (NOTE:  there is an older version as well, below.  In writing these lessons, we deliberately avoided duplication as much as possible.  Both series are worth your time.)

Women of the Bible - a study of the role of women.  This was a "unified curriculum" study - we didn't get to pick the topics, but the lessons are original, not the canned quarterly ones. 

Elijah - The study of the life of the man who never died.  A man of tremendous power and direct acquaintance with God - and yet a man who feared the world greatly.  (Curiously, this study is the second most popular thing on the site, after the Communion Meditations.  It has been so quite consistently;  we don't know why.  If any of you can enlighten us, please send us a note.)

Life of David, King of Israel - Poet, shepherd, warrior, lover - king.  A man after God's own heart - and the most fascinating, well documented human being in the Old Testament.

Moses - The man of the Ten Commandments

Life of Peter - One of the most interesting - if you like foot-in-mouth disease - people in the New Testament is Peter.  Often wrong, frequently saying the wrong things, he was a man of action.  Sometimes all God needs from us is energy and motivation - and Peter had those in abundance.

Profiles - One of those series from the days of "unified curriculum," this one is rather irregular in its quality.  Take a look at the contents and see if something strikes your eye.


History of the Church - An all too brief history of Christianity, from the end of the era of the Apostles to our own time. 

History of the English Bible - just what it says, a one lesson study.

Special Items

These are lesson series which were created for specific occasions in our home church, Eastside Christian Church.  Take a look; they have their uses elsewhere.

40 Days of Purpose - NOT the canned lessons handed out (see the introduction) but original lessons paralleling those themes.  May also be useful if you're doing that study and need supplemental material.

Imagine - The official capital funding campaign of Eastside Christian Church.  If your church never has a capital campaign ... well, you ARE unusual.

Outside the Gates - a study in Christian compassion.

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