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Worship and Service


This series comes from a simple idea:  in the original Greek language, there seems to be no difference (such as we would make) between worship and service.  Many Christians today see no sense of liturgy in their worship services.  As a result, worship and service seem unrelated.  It is not so.  Each act of worship has its parallel form in service.  It is our pleasure to present them to you here.

Praise The first element of worship is praise; it should also be an element of our daily lives.
Scripture Reading How Scripture reading was formerly a major part of worship, and should be a major habit of Christian life.
Fellowship  How fellowship is not just shaking hands at worship, but should be a way of life for the church.
Tithing  A lesson on the values of tithing — which is not about the preacher's salary.
Communion How this simple ceremony portrays all that is essential about Christianity.
Prayer A comparison of the Lord's Prayer and Solomon's prayer at the dedication of the Temple, with lessons for us today.

These lessons were originally delivered in 1998.