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Life of Moses


One of the great difficulties of teaching on the life of Moses is simply this:  Charlton Heston's portrayal of Moses is very familiar to us.  Indeed, deMille was fairly careful about his slight changes to the Biblical account, taking nothing away of substance, and providing special effects which, for the time, were spectacular.  We may have a map or two, a picture now and then, but the special effects we will leave to C. B.. 

Why is this life important?

  • Moses is the lawgiver of the nation of Israel.  More than anyone else, he shaped God's people.
  • The law he gave is the law under which Christ made His sacrifice for us.
  • Ultimately, the Old Testament points to Jesus Christ - and Moses is a great example of this.


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Moses - the Beginning Exodus 1 - 3 The birth of Moses; raised in Egyptian royalty; his flight into the wilderness.
The Call Exodus 4 Moses is called in the wilderness to lead his people.
Ten Plagues Exodus 7-12 10 plagues on Egypt and Pharaoh.
Passover Exodus 12 The symbolic message of the Passover feast.
Exodus Exodus 12 -17 The departure and deliverance from Egypt.
Ten Commandments Exodus 20:1-21 Giving of the 10 Commandments.
Rebellion Numbers 11-12 A survey of the rebellion of the Hebrew people against God and Moses.
God on Trial Numbers 14 The rebellion which caused the 40 year wandering.
Moses' Sin Numbers 20:1-13 The sin of Moses in striking the rock at Meribah.
Balaam Numbers 22-24 The story of Balaam, hireling prophet, the last obstacle to the promised land.
Final Words Deuteronomy 32 The farewell speech of Moses.