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Women of the Bible


Much of what has gone wrong in America comes from the change in the role of women in our society.  Likewise, much of what has gone right comes from the same change.  In this series we will examine several women of the Bible, either as role models for women - or an instance of "nothing is ever a total loss, it can always be used as a bad example."

Life and Times A brief description of the times in which the women of the Bible lived; the background against which their actions should be seen.
Jezebel From 1 Kings 21, the account of the woman whose name has come to mean an evil, scheming woman (unless you're a feminist, in which case it's shining heroine.)
Deborah Judges 4-5. The account of Deborah, Judge of Israel, and Barak.
Mary and Martha Comparison of Mary and Martha as models for the disciple.
Taken in Adultery John 8:1-11. The story of the woman taken in adultery.
Ruth Ruth - a model of affliction and success
Womanly Virtues An examination of the virtues of modesty and courage as given by Esther and Vashti.
Eve Eve, and her part in understanding God's role for women.
Mary A study of Mary, the mother of Jesus.

These lessons were originally delivered in 2007.