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Life of Peter



One of the most interesting - if you like foot-in-mouth disease - people in the New Testament is Peter.  Often wrong, frequently saying the wrong things, he was a man of action.  Sometimes all God needs from us is energy and motivation - and Peter had those in abundance.

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Luke 5:1-11 The call of Peter.  Peter becomes a "fisher of men."
Various Presumption.  Instances in the life of Saint Peter in which shows the sin of presumption, a warning to us all.
Various The Transfiguration - The Transfiguration of Christ, with particular emphasis on the part of Peter.
Various Three  Questions - Peter asks Christ three questions, and Christ answers three different ones.
Matthew 14:22-34 Walking on Water. The incident in which Peter walks on water — and some conclusions about their world and our world.
Matthew 16:13-20. Who Do You Say? -  A lesson on Peter's Great Confession.
Various Friday Night Fright - A lesson concerning the actions of Saint Peter on the night of Good Friday.
Various Boundary Layer - Saint Peter's actions on Easter day — including a little-known, undocumented meeting with Christ.
John 21 Breakfast at the Beach - The eerie scene at the sea of Tiberias in which Jesus forgives and restores Peter.
Acts 2 First Sermon -  A comparison of the first Christian sermon ever preached with contemporary methods.
Acts 3:1-26 The Lame Man - The story of Peter, entering the Temple, healing the man who was born lame.
Acts 4:1-31 Conflict and Authority - An examination of the conflict between church and state, particularly focusing upon the incident of Peter healing the lame man in the Temple.
Acts 4:32 - 5:16 Drop Dead - The story of Ananias and Sapphira - a precautionary tale about sacrilege, hypocrisy and testing God.
Acts 5:17-42 Providence and Suffering - Peter finds himself in and out of jail, before the Senate — blessed by Providence, and suffering for the Name.
Acts 8:1-25 Sorcery - The story of Peter and Simon the sorcerer.
Acts 9:32 - 10:23 Preparation -  A lesson concerning how God prepared St. Peter for the biggest change the early church ever saw.
Acts 10:24-48 First Contact - St. Peter's first contact with the Gentiles — invading the aliens.
Acts 11:1-18; Acts 15:5-20 Dispute - St. Peter provides for us an example of how disputes should be conducted in the church.
Acts 12:1-19. Comedy - The final episode in the life of Peter, as recorded in the Scriptures, an episode of comedy.

This series was originally delivered in 2012.