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Parables of Christ

A selection of the parables of Jesus Christ, taken by topic. The parable was Christ's favorite method of teaching, and has left its mark on Christian culture and the English language.

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Various Scriptures The Kingdom - The nature of the church, as Jesus described it.
Various Scriptures Life in Hell -  How to get to hell first class, and what happens once you are there.
Luke 7:36-50 Forgiveness - The parable of the two debtors, and the actions of the prostitute who perfumed Jesus feet
Luke 10:25-37 The Good Samaritan - The classic question:  who is my neighbor?
Various Scriptures The Nature of Christ - who came to seek and save the lost.
Various scriptures Individual Prophecy - A Bible lesson based on the minimum necessary knowledge for an individual concerning prophecy.
Luke 18:1-14  Parables on Prayer - Christ teaches us persistence in prayer - and humility in our approach to God.
Various Scriptures National Prophecy - A lesson on the concept of prophecy concerning an entire nation.
Various Scriptures Christian Life - Parables concerning the ordinary Christian life and its extraordinary consequences. 
Various Scriptures End Times - Bible lesson concerning the parables of Christ which relate to the end times.

This series was delivered starting in November,  2011

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