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Christianity 101

    This course grew out of a need felt by several people.  In a church the size of Eastside, there are always some members who do not have a solid grounding in the faith.  Just exactly what is it that Christians believe?

Our first attempt at this was based upon the "statement of faith" issued by the elders.  For a restorationist church to issue such a thing is almost unheard of.  The cause was simple:  unlike earlier times, many people were now completely ignorant of the basic tenets of Christianity.

Unfortunately, whatever its virtues in stating the faith in short form, the organization of that statement did not lend itself to a teaching series.  The same items needed to be reorganized into a series of lessons which could be given by any class in the church.  This series is our attempt at creating a such a series.  The sequence of the lessons is important;  particularly with regard to the first three.

For those who might be interested in using this material elsewhere (outside of Eastside Christian Church), please drop us a line (see the "Contact Us" page in the main web site).  There is an extensive amount of additional material available for the teacher which did not seem appropriate for the web site.