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Communion (1995 Series)

Soccer and Communion

Scheduled for September 21

My oldest son has managed to obtain a summer job which pays rather better than most:  he umpires baseball games and referees soccer matches.  Now, the baseball games I thoroughly enjoy.  Along with basketball, this is a favorite sport, one that I played in my youth.  But I must confess to you that I see absolutely no merit in soccer whatsoever.  You can almost imagine Bob Newhart talking on the phone about it:


“You dress up these grown men in little silk shorts and matching shirts.  Right.  (Hey fellas, listen to this one)”

“Uh huh, they run up and down the field kicking a little round ball.  But they’re not allowed to touch it with their hands.  (Hey fellas, a sport for the malcoordinated!)”

“No TV time-outs (That’ll sell at the advertising agency!)”

“And you try to kick it through this net.  And most of the games are decided on penalty kicks. (We got a winner here, guys, for sure!)”


The odd thing is my kid’s attitude to this.  He will turn on the TV and actually watch soccer -- in Spanish!  I know his Spanish isn’t good enough to catch everything, for he often turns the sound down.  How is it that he loves it so much and I find it so boring?


I think the answer lies in the fact that he has played the game, and I have not.  Soccer was almost unknown when I was growing up;  it was a popular sport when he was growing up.  He’s a soccer player;  I’m (at best) a watcher.  Playing the game makes a difference.


The same is true in Communion.  If you find that Communion is a time best reserved for discreetly pulling something out of your wallet for the offering, maybe it’s because you’re a watcher, not a player.  Ask yourself this:  what have I done for Jesus Christ this week?  If you can’t remember anything you’ve done for Him, perhaps you can see the reason why you don’t enjoy remembering what He’s done for you.

And indeed, He has “done” for you;  Communion is the remembering of the sacrifice of Jesus on the Cross.  Nothing we can do can change the fact that this sacrifice is absolutely essential to salvation.  All we can do is imitate it. 


So let me encourage you:  get in the game. 


(James 1:22 NIV)  Do not merely listen to the word, and so deceive yourselves. Do what it says.

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