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Romans (Series 2)


The letter to the Romans is the closest thing we have in the New Testament to a "theology textbook."  It was written by Paul to a church which he had never seen; it is therefore rather more didactic in tone.  Rome was the center of the Empire, the most important city.  Naturally, Paul the evangelist wanted to go there.  This is also, therefore, his letter of introduction, laying out the faith in clarity.  As we go through it, we shall see where the modern church has strayed from this early thought, and where it remains strong.

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The Righteous Shall Live By Faith Romans 1:1-17. The opening phrases of Paul's letter to the church at Rome, dealing with the nature of Christ and justification by faith (key concept).
Wrath Deserved Romans 1:18-2:11. Why man deserves the wrath of God; what God is doing about it - today; what God will do on Judgment Day.
Solution to Sin Romans 2:12-3:31. The universal judgment of sin and the judgment to come; how this makes things better (or worse) for believers; God's solution to the divine dilemma
Dazzling Leap Romans 4. Paul answers objections to salvation by grace, by example. By this example, he expands grace to all, for God is one. He then expounds the hope of the Christian - the Resurrection
Peace and Joy Romans 5:1-11. A lyric interlude concerning the peace and joy possible in the Christian life - despite the suffering and tribulation - because of our reconciliation with God.
Christ and Adam Romans 5:12-21. The relationship of Christ and Adam, including a brief analysis of the doctrine of original sin.
Wages of Sin Romans 6. Paul decries the antinomian heresy; lays out the principle of identification in baptism with the death, burial and resurrection of Christ; the analogy of slavery in life (slave to sin or Christ).
Life and Death Romans 7:1 - 8:17. The three states of man: ignorant of the law, under the law, and in the Spirit.
Christ and Creation Romans 8:18-27 The relationship of Christ to his creation; some of the events of the end times; patience, prayer and hope today. Plus a bit about Wile E. Coyote.
What Shall We Say? Romans 8:28-39. A slight examination of predestination, and whether or not it matters.
Israel, Part One Romans 9. Part one of the relationship between Israel and the Church
Zeal and Intolerance Romans 10:1-15. An examination of zeal, ignorance and intolerance - and why the tolerant can't tolerate anybody who doesn't agree with them.
Israel, Part Two Romans 10:16-11:36. How God deals with rejection.
Living Sacrifices Romans 12:1-13. The life of the mind for the Christian; life in the body of Christ based on love for one another.
In The World Romans 12:14-21. Paul's prescription for how the church should get along with itself - and others.
Church and State Romans 13:1-7. An examination of the Christian's role vis-à-vis the state, good or evil.
Law of Love Romans 13:8-14. A discourse on the law of love.
Weaker Brother Romans 14. An examination of the conduct and duties toward the weaker brother.
Life of an Apostle Romans 15. An insight into what it's like to be a great person in the church.
Mentioned in Despatches Romans 16. Paul mentions a number of people for their services, and gives us a lesson on the wolves in sheep's clothing in the process. The letter ends with a beautiful, fruitful doxology.

These lessons were originally delivered in 2009.  An earlier set of lessons on Romans can be found here.