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Romans (Series 1)



The study of the book of Romans is considered to be one of the elementary books of the Bible.  This is not to say that its depth is shallow;  rather, this is a letter from Paul to people he had not met.  Therefore, it carries within its words the closest thing to a theology primer that we find in the New Testament.  As such, it forms the foundation study of doctrine.

Note:  a newer study of Romans can be found here.

Scripture Topic
Romans 1:18 - 2:11 Wrath of God -   A study on a very unpopular subject. We must remember that "unpopular" doesn't equal "false".
Romans 2:12 - 3:8 Self-Justification -  The classic defense against the concept of legalism.
Romans 3:9-31 Life by Faith -   Paul's favorite quotation from the Old Testament: "The just shall live by faith."
Romans 4 Learning -   Abraham as an example of one who truly lived by faith.
Romans 5:1-12 Rejoicing -   We rejoice in hope, in suffering, and in reconciliation.
Romans 5:12-21 Original Sin -  Since the time of Augustine, the most troublesome concept in theology
Romans 6 Identification -   How the principle of identification with Christ eliminates the fallacy of "sin more so that grace increases."
Romans 7 After Gettysburg -   Examining the concept that after accepting Christ, sin must still be dealt with.
Romans 8:1-17 Christian Walk -  As the song puts it, are you living in an old man's rubble?
Romans 8:12 - 25 Family of God -   A look at our family - past, present and future.
Romans 8:26-38 If God Be For Us -   Providence, predestination and poetry.
Romans 9 Loving the Lost -  Election and rejection; God's love and mercy; the stumbling stone that is Christ.
Romans 10:1-15 House of Israel -  Paul's discourse on the ultimate acceptance of Christ by the Jews.
Romans 10:16 - 11:36 Character of God -  Paul continues his discourse on the relationship between God and Israel in the Christian era.
Romans 12:1-13 Body Life -   Paul begins his discourse on life in the church.
Romans 12:14-21 Paradox -   The great paradox of loving our enemies is proclaimed.
Romans 13:1-7 Church & State -  Paul talks about relationship with the government - of Nero.
Romans 13:8-14 Walking in Sunlight -   The royal law of love exemplified.
Romans 14 Weaker Brother -  Paul's exposition on the weaker brother - which is often misinterpreted to favor legalism.
Romans 15:1-13 Brotherhood -  The unity of the church is built up as we bear one another's burdens.
Romans 15:14-33 Man of God -  The character of the mature Christian.

These lessons were originally delivered in 1995-1996.  A newer study of Romans, with the audio of the lesson included, can be found here.

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