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Psalms Series Two


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Psalm Contents
Psalm 1 Blessed Is The Man - the righteous and the wicked.
Psalm 19 The Heavens Declare - the glory of God shown in nature and in Scripture.
Psalm 46 The Earthquake Psalm
Psalm 42 Why So Downcast, Oh My Soul
Psalm 109 Imprecation
Psalm 34 Teaching the Young
Psalm 144 A Plea For Help - a model for intercessory prayer.
Psalm 51 Penitence - the Psalm David wrote when Nathan the Prophet confronted him about Bathsheba.
Psalm 22 Prophecy - the Psalms as prophetic;  this one especially concerning the Crucifixion.
Psalm 107 Praise - a psalm of praise for merchants, wanderers, fools, the complacent and the wise.
This series was originally delivered in 2010.  An older series on the Psalms, with some overlap, is available here.