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Psalms Series One


Psalms - the music of the Bible.  The melodies are long lost, but the words continue in our souls to this day, three thousand years after David began this collection.  There are two reasons for this popularity:

  • First, Hebrew poetry rhymes in thought, not in sound.  "The Lord is my shepherd" rhymes in thought with, "I shall not want."  This means that all languages will find the Psalms to be beautiful.
  • Next, they are exquisitely expressive.  Have you ever gone to a card shop to pick out just the right card that says things the way you wish you could say them?  The Psalms serve that function too.
Psalm 1 Introduction - Basic introduction to the Psalms and how they work.
Psalm 8, 19 Glory of God - "The greatest poem in the Psalter and one of the greatest lyrics in the world." - C.S. Lewis
Psalm 22 Forsaken -  A study which prophetically pre-figures Christ on the Cross.
Psalm 34 Descent Into Fear -  Recounting the fear on all sides David experienced when he ran to the Philistines.
Psalm 42, 45 On  Hope - David - hope in hopeless times
Psalm 50, 51 Judgment & Mercy - The great Psalm of repentance - Psalm 51, with Psalm 50, the proclamation of the greatness of God.
Psalm 73 Envy - the sin of the have-nots against the haves.
Psalm 84 Paint You A Picture -  the concept of pilgrimage in the Christian life.
Psalm 90 On Reality - Moses' psalm on reality, perceived and true.
Psalm 107 Praise - the role that praise has in our life with God.

A newer study of the Psalms, with some overlap, is available here.