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(Want to know if this is really a problem? The University of Illinois at Chicago has a great infographic that explains it in simple pictures.  Take a look.)

Thinking about doing a little cut and paste from this web site to produce a term paper or other assignment?  Please, think again.

This site is monitored by www.turnitin.com, an anti-plagiarism site.  From what we can tell from our log records, about half of the various Bible studies (and practically nothing from the topical studies) has been used as a source of plagiarism.  The only people I can think of who would want to do that are Bible College Students.  Come on, you of all people should know better.

If you are in doubt what plagiarism means in an academic setting, you might take a look at   http://www.accreditedschoolsonline.org/resources/preventing-plagiarism/ .  There are no doubt other resources (hint:  your college has a policy) which may be more relevant to you, but this site puts the matter clearly.

We can't stop you from plagiarizing the web site;  indeed, for the typical Bible school teacher we encourage it.  These lessons are put out there to be used - but not to be presented as your own work.  Ethically, that's just plain wrong.  It also deprives you of the experience of learning.  There's also a good chance now that you'll get caught at it, too.

You may be thinking, "Hey, you have no idea how difficult it is to write these papers."  It's hard?  You're having difficulty with it?  Then get some help!  See if your college has a campus writing center - many do, just to help students in your situation.  If you prefer, you can hire a writing coach or editor.  Your writing center may have a referral list. I personally recommend  Semper Editing - an excellent editor and writing coach who is also a solid Christian.  (Full disclosure - she's the real writer in our family.)

Also - take a look at Maryville University's plagiarism page. which includes a link to their online students research toolkit - good stuff!


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