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Communion Meditations (2006)


Originally delivered September 10

If you are like most Americans, somewhere on your bookshelves or in your closet is your high school yearbook.  It’s a collection of grainy, black and white photos for those a bit older; color is now in fashion.  But the photography doesn’t seem to have improved.

You look at it, turn the pages, and you wonder:  where are they now?  What do they look like today?  Some look the same, give or take a wrinkle or two.  Others are very different.  Sometimes the handsome athlete in high school is now fat, bald and old.

Memories.  The book triggers memories for each of us.  See if your heart knows of these:

· Lost loves.  Those we actually dated, or those we only dreamed of dating.  Life has moved on, but still we imagine, “what if?”

· Old friends.  A picture stirs a memory; a friend you have not seen in years suddenly appears in your mind.  You wish you could share a meal and old times with them.

· Even, old enemies.  Sometimes a face conjures up the memories of pain and insult.  Not all of us can be star athletes, and some of the stars are very mean people.

Memories;  they come in the Lord’s Supper as well.  We are told to remember what He did for us at the Cross.  See if these look familiar:

· Lost love.  Do you still have the fire in your faith?  Does your heart ache when you meet someone who refuses to meet the Master?  Or have the flames become embers, enough to warm you, but giving no light?

· Old Friend.  How long has it been since you walked with Jesus, sharing your heart with Him?  Does He know your heartaches?  Does He know your desires?  Or are you hoping you don’t meet Him?

· Old Enemy.  Does Satan have you by the throat?  A sin that you just can’t seem to get rid of, no matter what you do? 

All of these find their answer at the Cross.  The Lover of your soul still desires your love; the old Friend still has room for you to share your hurts and desires.  His triumph over our enemy is in fact what we celebrate at the Lord’s Supper.  Come to Him, confessing your sins, confiding your troubles and sharing your dreams.  He ransomed you; He will not turn you away.  Bring your hopes and disappointments to Him, for He cares for you.

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