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Communion Meditations (2006)

Perfect Harmony

Originally delivered April 2

Most of us are not cut out to be professional photographers.  Besides the patience needed to deal with frantic brides (and their mothers), you need a certain amount of technical skill.  Most of us take a lot of pictures—and get a good one once in a while.  What kind of “good one?”

· For most of us, that means an accurate representation.  Mug shots are good at this.  You know who it is, but no one frames it.

· The next level up is the “typical” photograph, where the viewer says, “Isn’t that just typical of him?  Mouth opened, eyes closed, stepping on his wife’s feet.”

· But once in a while you get one that is just about perfect.  People see it and say, “That’s him!”  Everything comes together in a picture that you prize (and might even frame it and hang it on the wall.)

Sounds have a similar progression to our ears, though it may be a bit more difficult to recognize.  But most of us would know such a sound.

· For those who wear an eye patch (the writer does) it’s the constant background noise of “Arrrrgh!”  Just like pirates say!  You know what it means, without words.

· For most couples in love, there is “our song.”  Maybe it’s “Blue Suede Shoes” (please, no more) for the two of you.  It’s Elvis singing—but it somehow becomes yours.

· Then, once in a while there comes a sound or music which is just about perfect.  The fourth movement of the William Tell Overture by Rossini, for example.  (“A fiery horse with the speed of light, a cloud of dust and a hearty, Hi Ho Silver—the Lone Ranger rides again.”)

Pictures and sounds, that’s what we use.  God uses something different.  His son, Jesus, is the exact representation of the Father.  His actions are those the Father shows Him.  His words are those the Father gives Him—indeed, John the Apostle introduces Him to us as “The Word” - the message of God, wrapped in human flesh.  By Him you know the Father; indeed, there is no other route to the Father other than by Christ.

This exact image—the root word is the one from which we take our word “icon” - was given to us by the Father, and given for our benefit.  Benefit?  Yes indeed

· By Christ we know the Father, for the Son is God as well.

· In Him we find the Word of God—in all senses

· But most important:  our sins are atoned for by His sacrifice.

As you take Communion today, consider that Christ has given us a picture of His sacrifice—so that we might not forget that wonderful gift of God.  By the bread His body; by the wine His blood—it is a picture for us this day.  It is His own picture, for He gave it to us.  Like other pictures, it’s given as a reminder, so that we will not forget what He did.  It’s the one picture He wants us to keep in mind—and heart.

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