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Communion Meditations (2006)


Originally delivered March 5

Have you ever been entertained by a barber shop quartet?  They do still exist, you know, though most have long since lost any association with a barber.  The essence of the barbershop style is harmony; this is the key to singing in that style.  Consider how the harmony is kept:

· There are rules about who gets which note.  Which, by the way, also determine who gets to pull off which gag, too.  Everyone knows his part.

· They dress in a particular style—Gay ‘90s.  (For those of you who haven’t heard this, that refers to the 1890’s.) 

· Purpose:  they know their purpose—to entertain you.  So they keep it light.

Marriage, too, needs harmony.  Consider that such harmony is very similar:

· Each one is assigned a part—and like good musicians, you learn to cover any notes your partner misses.

· You dress in a particular style;  it’s called “who’s wearing the pants.”  If you think this old-fashioned, you're right.  But if you know a couple where she wears the pants, tell me:  just what do you think of him?

· Purpose:  harmony is there to ensure that the marriage will indeed be “until death do us part.”

There is harmony in the church, too.  Indeed, the harmony in marriage is described by the harmony of the church and her Lord.  The same things can be seen:

· If someone misses a note, all is not lost.  There is repentance; there is forgiveness to restore the harmony of the church.

· Leadership?  Christ is the head of the church—and it helps so much to remember that.

· Purpose:  the harmony of the church is there to make sure that no one is hindered in any way in coming to the faith.

That harmony, that one-ness in the church is exemplified in communion. 

· Did you miss a note this week?  Confession and repentance are available, so that you may go forward in tune with your Lord.

· Leadership?  This is the time when in prayer you recognize your Lord as head of the church—and lord of your life. 

· Purpose?  So that you might have eternal life in Him.

Harmony.  One body, one spirit, one hope, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and Father of all.

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