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Communion Meditations (2006)


Over the years that the Becoming Closer web site has been in operation, one item continually draws the most attention (and download):  Communion Meditations.  It is evidently so rare a topic that, as of this writing, submitting the phrase "communion meditations" to Google pops this site up in first place.  (That varies, but we're almost always on the first page of results).  One can only conclude that there is a dearth of communion meditations available.

This series, originally published in 2006, is kept on line so that you might have more to select from.  Please remember:  freely you have received, freely give.  You may use these meditations for any non-profit Christian purpose;  if published, please cite this web site as the source.

Downloads:  Communion Meditations.  (PDF, Kindle or e-pub formats; order paper copy here.)  This is the edition that contains over 300 meditations.

For those who would like a paper copy of the first seven volumes of communion meditations (in one volume) it's available (at our cost, no profit) here.  The material is exactly the same as in the PDF download. 

Slaughter of the Innocents Communion Meditation on the slaughter of the innocent children when Christ was born.
Leaves  As leaves die as they break off from the branch, so do Christians who break off of Christ - even when it's cool to do so.
For Whom? Christ died for the weaker brother; the just and the unjust; the helpless ungodly; and you and me.
Folding the Laundry  Using ordinary things to set things in order.
Line in the Sand  The "Great Divide" - how Communion separates the church from the world.
Clearing the Closet God knows what’s in your closet—and in your heart.  Cleaning the closet is good; cleaning the heart is required.
Railroad Trains  Using metaphor and life example we can understand the theology behind Communion.
Separation Anxiety  Tests by which you can discern whether or not your participation in Communion is sincere or just show.
Cleaning Your Glasses  As your glasses need to be cleaned frequently, so you must clean the instrument needed to see God - the pure heart.
Harmony  Harmony in a barbershop quartet; harmony in marriage and harmony in the church.
Oil Change  Dealing with red lights, both automotive and personal.
Eye of the Hurricane Cling to the Rock; the hurricane has no power over it.
On Currency The Treasury Department goes to great lengths to combat counterfeiters; so likewise does Christ in dealing with counterfeit Christians.
Perfect Harmony  How Christ is the perfect picture of God - and Communion the picture of his sacrifice.
Hands Hands - worker's hands; thinker's hands; careless hands; hands with nail prints in them.
On the Incarnation  How the Incarnation is necessary to the Cross.
Music How classical music calls up the holiness of God, his mercy and his glory - and how these are fit reminders for Communion.
Melchizedek  Melchizedek - the mysterious king and priest who brings bread and wine to Abraham.
Before and After  The sense of being rushed at Communion makes us long for the reverence we have abandoned.
Fellowship Offerings The concept of a fellowship offering, a gift of love, and how we might present such a thing at Communion.
Scale Models  Boys make airplane models; David was given a model for the Temple; Communion is the model of Christ's death.
Waiting Lounge How watching faces in an airport waiting lounge resembles a congregation preparing for Communion - and the lessons we can learn from this.
Alone How Communion time should start with self-examination, confession, repentance and then praise.
Woman in the Crowd  How power goes out from Jesus - even at Communion.
What A Friend! How we are all equal in Communion; how we should use that to reach out to others.
Far Away Places  How this world is not our home - and praise and thank the one who made this so.
Masquerade Masks - everyday, accidental and those we think so necessary - must come down at Communion.
Not Alone  How the Christian is never alone - and Communion is proof of that fact.
Grace and Power He ate with sinners so that you might know his grace and power - and the love he showed at its penultimate at the Cross.
Last Day of Your Life  We do not know the date for the last day of our lives; thus, be ready any day. Communion offers the opportunity for repentance.
Epidemic The existence of yellow sticky notes reminds us that we forget; thus we have notes, reminders, memorials and rituals to help us remember.
Teeth Cleaning Like getting your teeth cleaned regularly, self-examination and repentance at Communion prevent trouble.
Skyscraper Fish A small boy meets koi, and gives us a lesson on differing perceptions.
Wait For Each Other Paul's command to wait for each other at Communion has deeper meaning than first appears.
Amateur Theatricals How the enemy uses deception on us; how Communion let's us see the light of the truth.
I Know My Redeemer Lives  We celebrate "until He comes" - when the dead shall rise to face justice.
Yearbook  Memories of lost loves, old friends and enemies come at Communion too.
Misery and Chains  Only Christ can break the chains of sin.
Homecoming  How Communion is a form of homecoming; meeting again with our heavenly Father.
Do Your Worst  Vengeance, greed and envy are viewed in proper context at Communion.
The Fireman Communion, like the fire marshal, prevents fires - the fires of Hell.
The Old Man's Gesture  How the small actions of life are used to send large messages.
Remorse and Reconciliation  How reconciliation is always costly - to the reconciler.
Communion Service  By Christ's example we are guided; by His sacrifice we are saved.
Apostrophe That Communion belongs to Christ; that is it unique - and that it is the meal that commemorates his sacrifice on the Cross.
His and Ours Comparing the people Christ forgave while on the Cross and those we need to forgive.
Night of the Candles Obedience turns the new Christian into a veteran one.
In Simplicity, Sublime  In the simplest service to God, we find the sublime (Matthew25:31-46). In the simplest of materials (bread and wine) we find the sublime God gives.
Late Night, Early Morning  In Communion there is no junk food.
Trifling With Simplicity Communion can be served in elaborate ways, but in its essence it is a simple meal.
The Betrayer  Comfort from the way Christ treated Judas Iscariot at the Last Supper.
The Incarnation Concerning the supreme miracle, the Incarnation, the baby in the manger came with a purpose.