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Communion Meditations (2006)


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We call it “the Lord’s Supper”;  but do we know why?

It is the Lord’s Supper


· Because He is the one who instituted it.  It is from His hands we receive it, with all its meaning.

· Because His sacrifice gave it meaning.  Otherwise, it is a farewell dinner like so many others.

· Because it is intended for those who are His.  If you are the Lord’s disciple, the apostrophe applies to you.

It is the Lord’s Supper

Why this uniqueness?

· Because there is only one Lord of Lords and King of Kings.

· Because there is only one church—and therefore its great symbolic meal is one as well.

· Because there is only one redeeming Sacrifice to be celebrated.

He is unique; so is the Supper.

Why is it the Lord’s Supper?

· Because it nourishes the souls of those who partake of it.

· Because it provides fellowship to those who partake.  If it is hard to be angry at one who just passed you the salt, how much more peace should reign between those who share the body and blood of our Lord?

· Because it is a festive meal—it celebrates our Lord’s victory over sin and death.

It is not meaningless, for in the Lord’s Supper all true meaning and existence are found.

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