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I suppose it takes a little explaining.  Jonah has been ridiculed so often - mostly about that big fish - that it has been neglected of late.  But this should not be.  Jonah is a story that has much to teach us.  Jonah, after all, is a man caught in trouble of his own making.  Most of us will call on God when we are troubled by external events - but we're a little more reluctant to pray when we know we're in this mess because of own mouth and hands.

Jonah is the story of just such a man. 

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Jonah 1 Fish Story - Running away from God might just not be the brightest idea.
Jonah 2 Fish Faith - A lesson in prayer, humility and grace.
Jonah 3,4 The Quality of Mercy -  Preaching yields repentance - and sour grapes.