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Ezra & Nehemiah



Ezra and Nehemiah are seldom studied now.  We prefer our Christian history to include plenty of miraculous events.  These books show us good conduct in the face of adversity and sin, without the miraculous intervention of God.  They are primers on how to rebuild a nation.

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Ezra 1-3 Where is the God of Moses? - The beginning of the "Second Exodus" - the return of Judah from the Babylonian captivity.
Ezra 4-6 Rebuilding the Temple - The political and spiritual difficulties of rebuilding the temple, which resulted in what is now known as the second Temple.
Ezra 7-10 Ezra - The coming of Ezra to the Jewish community in Jerusalem and his reforms in marriage.
Nehemiah 1-4, 6. Building the Wall - Building the city wall of Jerusalem. despite opposition.
Nehemiah 5 World of Finance -  An examination of the way the ancient Jews handled the problem of loans and interest — and its implication today.
Nehemiah 8-10 Anatomy of a Revival - A detailed anatomy of the revival which produced the Jewish nation as it was known in the time of Christ.

These lessons were delivered starting in late 2012.

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