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Communion Meditations (2023)



Originally scheduled for April 23

The dog’s name is Ruth. She barks almost all the time.
It is not surprising, really. Ruth is a “rescue” dog. She was retrieved from the pound by a young couple who wanted a dog. She is now undergoing the transition from a dog in the pound to a dog in the family. It’s not surprising this takes a little while. What is it that Ruth really wants?
·        She wants to belong to her own pack, in this case a pack full of humans. But she wants to feel like she’s part of the group.
·        More than that, she wants to feel that she has a position in that group — a standing, a role that she plays that is hers alone.
·        Most of all, she wants to be loved. That scratch under the chin or behind the ears means a great deal to her.
Isn’t that the case with most human beings too? Particularly when our ego is been damaged, or someone is let us down — or we’ve done something really stupid — we want those same things. We want to know that we belong somewhere and are not just isolated human beings bouncing around the streets.
More than that, we don’t want to just belong — we want to fit in. We like the idea that we have a place in the group and they need us as we need them.
Finally, like all human beings, we need to know that we are loved. Human beings were designed to be loved and they feel it acutely when they are not.
Communion shows us how Christ answers these needs. You and I belong to one of the greatest organizations ever created: the church. Those who take Christ as Lord and Savior are automatically part of this organization. And, in case you hadn’t noticed, the church takes particular care to make sure the newcomers are welcome. As you grow in the church you will find that the Holy Spirit is the place for you to serve. It’s yours, and it helps define you in the group known as the church. That may be something as simple as teaching four-year-olds or something that is viewed as more difficult, like missionary work. But it is your task; a place to serve.
All this of course is rooted in the love of Christ. There is no greater love than to lay down your life for a friend, and Christ laid down his life for us that we might know salvation. So as you partake this morning, remember that the cup, his blood, and the bread, his body, are the signs of his great love for you for all of us. Take it; take it seriously; take it with the church that loves you.

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