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Communion Meditations (2023)



Luke 7:36-50

Originally scheduled for April 16

Simon, the Pharisee in the story, is a respectable man. He has invited the upcoming young rabbi, Jesus, to lunch. Without really thinking about it, he thinks Jesus shares his opinions in various matters.
·        Jesus should certainly be able to see that the lady is a prostitute, both by her dress and by the fact that she lets her hair down in public (a social taboo of the time.)
·        From that expensive alabaster vase Jesus could easily tell this is not a prostitute who does it out of desperation. Her motive is not feeding her baby girl, but the good things money can buy.
·        Simon also expects the Jesus will condemn the sin of prostitution, which he does.
So far, Jesus seems to be quite the respectable person himself. And surely a respectable person would condemn not only the sin, but the blatant sinner, right?
Notice the distinction: prostitution is not respectable but the prostitute is accepted, indeed forgiven. The question is not one of law and morality but one of love — and God loves the repentant sinner.
Communion is a reminder of that. It is a reminder of God’s great love for the world, including the repentant sinners. It reminds us of the price that Christ paid for the atonement of our sins. He bled and died that we might be forgiven, taken into his own church and kept as one of his dear sons and daughters. We are reminded that God loves the repentant sinner — and that includes everyone in this room.
So as you partake of communion this morning, remember these things:
·        See in the elements, the bread and the cup, the physical sacrifice made by our Lord that we might be forgiven.
·        Examine yourself and see if you are in need of repentance. He commands this so that you will do it regularly.
·        Then depart from this place knowing that God loves you. You are his child, welcome in his home. Yes, even you.

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