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Communion Meditations (2023)


Optical Instruments

Originally scheduled for January 18, 2009

It is hard to conceive today, but most of the history of mankind was without any form of optical instrument. Today we have telescopes which cost billions of dollars – and can see to great distances, producing pictures which inspire awe at God’s creation. We have microscopes which can scan down to the level of individual atoms, revealing order in even the smallest of things. More mundane, but more common, are the glasses on your nose – which reveal the chaos that is rush hour traffic.
But none of these instruments is suitable for the greatest of vision: to see God. For that, our Lord tells us, you need a very different instrument: the pure heart. Blessed are the pure in heart, Christ tells us, for they shall see God. How do you obtain such an instrument? Repent and be baptized. More importantly, how do you keep it working? Only by repentance; for this reason we are taught that we should examine ourselves before taking the Lord’s Supper.
Therefore, let us come to Communion with pure hearts, and see what can be seen in purity:
·         We shall see God, and know both his righteousness and his love. Righteousness, for the Cross paid the penalty for your sins and mine. Love, for it was God’s Son who paid that price.
·         We shall see the sacrifice of God. The ancient Hebrews were taught to sacrifice to God. This is in imitation of Christ himself, the God who sacrifices for us.
·         We shall see his salvation, for this meal commemorates the gift that gives us eternal life.
The telescope and the microscope show us the glory of God’s creation; the pure heart shows us God Himself.


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