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Communion Meditations (2023)



Originally scheduled for March 5

There is a certain pattern to the monuments of this world. Consider Mount Rushmore, for example. It’s probably as successful a monument as exists in this world, at least for most Americans. We can see certain characteristics that make it so:

·        It’s made of stone, literally carved out of a mountain. Mountains tend to last a long time.
·        The message that it tries to convey is quite simple and direct. It honors four American presidents by portraying them in stone carving. It is, therefore, easy to understand. The form of the monument fits the function quite well.
·        The monument causes you to think. In this particular instance you question why these four presidents were selected for this. What do Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln and Theodore Roosevelt have in common that deserve such a memorial?
·        Finally, the memorial is designed to last approximately forever. It’s not made out of tissue paper but stone still set in a mountain. Mountains and stone last a long, long time.

Compare that, if you will, to communion. We look at a memorial in stone but in communion we consume the memorial. There are some similarities, however.

·        The materials — starting with grapes and wheat — will be around for a long, long time; probably as long as there are farmers.
·        The form of the memorial is designed to provoke your memory. The cup reminds you of His blood and the bread reminds you of His body.
·        Communion causes you to think; at least you should ask why we are doing this. Better yet, ask what impact it should have on your life.
·        Interestingly, communion is NOT designed to last forever. It will end at Christ’s return.

That last is almost unique in human experience. Here is a memorial which is designed to stop at a particular time in history. When? I wish I knew. But of course we know the event that signals this: the return of our Lord.
It is then that you will find out whether or not communion has achieved its purpose in your life. For in communion you are to examine yourself and consider your own repentance. If you have done this successfully, your Lord will reward it. If you took it is simply something we have to do, of no significance, you should understand the consequences of that.
One purpose of communion is to produce anew a pure heart, so that when he returns you may see God. Therefore, take the time to examine yourself and bring to him anything you find in need of remedy. His cleansing is certain; his forgiveness is sure — until he returns.

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