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Communion Meditations (2023)



Originally scheduled for May 7

The use of the word “Lord” has a certain ambiguity for Christians. On the one hand, we frequently refer to Jesus as our Lord Jesus Christ. Frequent use of this phrase lets it roll off the tongue without really thinking about what it means. But the other use of the word “Lord” is in a sentence something like “Lord it over someone…” Most of us have worked for a manager/boss who fit that description nicely. There is a difference between a tyrant and a prince. It’s worth comparing the Lordship of Christ to the Lordship of the world.
First, let’s consider what Jesus does NOT do as our Lord.
·        Christ never shows arrogance towards us, or contempt. There is no sense that he’s trying to humiliate us to motivate us.
·        There is no sense that Christ is comparing one of us to another to motivate better performance. He judges each of us individually; it’s not a competition.
·        Most important of all, Christ does not threaten. In fact, he removes the great threat of Hell from us. He doesn’t break down the door; he stands outside and knocks.
What DOES Christ do?
·        When we offend him, he forgives us. The great and the mighty have the privilege of being gracious to the poor and the weak.
·        How does he treat your faults? Is it not with gentleness and patient correction?
·        Perhaps most important of all, he takes the blame for our sins.
We see this in communion each time we have it. In the cup we see his blood; in the bread, his body, sacrificed for us. It is love in its highest form. By this method he has atoned for our sins; he paid the price. We do this until he returns again. At that time the great judgment will occur, and he will stand up for us, telling the Father that we belong to him — we are the redeemed. This is what our Lord will do for us. None of us want a tyrant; all of us love a Prince. As you partake, remember the price he paid to become the Lord of your life.

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