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Communion Meditations (2023)


I Shall Return

Originally scheduled for October 8

World War II was noted for stirring speeches. One of the shortest was that of Douglas MacArthur to the people of the Philippines: “I shall return.” Later in the war the Navy admirals wanted to bypass the Philippines. MacArthur pointed out that this would be regarded by the Filipino people as a betrayal of their consistent loyalty to America. The argument persuaded Franklin Roosevelt.
Communion is a reminder of the sacrifice of Christ on the cross. We should also note that it will endure until he returns. There are great many theories as to what will happen, in what sequence, and how often when Christ returns. But almost all theories agree on these points:
·        Christ will return in bodily form in the clouds. That is the same way he left at the Ascension.
·        Christians who have died will rise from the grave to meet their Lord. Those who are walking the earth will then meet him too.
·        Christ will judge the living and the dead at his return. He will reward those who have done well and punish those who have not.
·        Eventually, Christ will create a new heaven and new Earth in which the Christians will live, presumably eternally.
(I know it’s likely that your view includes a great deal more than this. But this is supposed to be a short communion meditation.)
So we are to take communion as a reminder of these things as well. As such, we are to look at ourselves and ask, am I prepared for these things? If Gabriel blew his trumpet right now would you be embarrassed or thrilled? These things are going to happen; “the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.” Examine yourself, therefore, and see if you need to remedy some sinful habit in your life. Don’t wait until your next opportunity for communion comes; the timing of Christ’s return is not known. This may be your last reminder. He shall return!

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