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Communion Meditations (2023)



Originally scheduled for February 5

One of the consistent contrasts between what the world teaches and what the church teaches concerns humility. The world teaches you the virtue of arrogance; “I’m better than you are.” The church teaches humility.
Humility is not something that can be swallowed, faked or painted on. It is a comparison; a comparison between you and either a problem you have or someone you’re competing with.
·        Its chief defining characteristic is that it is an honest comparison, straightforward examination of the facts. If the honest facts are that the officer that pulled you over is the one carrying the ticket book, humility becomes a little more obvious.
·        Humility, when practiced, obviously affects our actions. But consider that it also changes our character and in a large extent redefines our style. Humility shows.
·        Humility is personal. It’s tougher for some of us than others, which sometimes leads to the habit of judging others for their lack of it. Judge not; it’s difficult enough for each of us.
This is why humility is recommended for communion. It is a comparison between you and The Son Of Man as to which of you is better suited to make atonement for your sins. Your sin separates you from God the Father; they must be paid for. So who does it?
·        Only the rich can afford to perform the atonement. If you need bail money, you call your rich uncle first. Only the Son of God can pay this price.
·        An atonement sacrifice must be pure; perfect purity is found only in the Son Of Man.
·        What would motivate someone to perform the atonement sacrifice the cost his life? Only perfect love — and our love is not perfect.
Therefore, practice humility as you take communion. Start with the honest comparison — examine yourself. If repentance is required, commit to it before your Lord. Come to him with a pure heart.
In the bread and the cup, see the body and blood of Christ — a reminder of what he had to pay to be the sacrifice of atonement. It is the most important event in your eternal life; remember what he did for you.
Then, in a humble manner worthy of a repentant sinner, partake.

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