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Communion Meditations (2023)



Originally scheduled for April 9

You will of course recall the story. That classic of children’s literature, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, is a familiar one to parents. Remember that Goldilocks went rushing into the bears’ house and began her career of breaking, entering and theft by consuming some porridge. But not just any porridge would do; one bowl was too hot, the other too cold but the third bowl was “just right.” She gives us an example here of porridge meeting requirements: it needs to be exactly just right. If something is going to be “just right”, it must meet the exact requirements. That means you know what the requirements are are.
Communion may be examined this way. If we understand the purpose and “rightness” of communion, we can see that it is “just right.” Communiontells us the most important things about Christianity and Christ.
·        It reminds us of the atonement.
·        It repeats our understanding of His suffering.
·        It emphasizes His love for us.
In short, it does the “right things.”
It does them in the “right way” – simple, using commonplace elements.   This way we may be sure that all Christians can afford to take communion.
It produces the “right result” – a pure heart, repentant and able to see God.
Remember David’s phrasing: “create in me a new heart, O God.”
Right things, right way, … right results.  Even Goldilocks would understand!

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