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Communion Meditations (2023)



Originally scheduled for February 19

Almost every Hollywood movie has them. They are the people walking down the street, the people who were running from the monster were just standing in the elevator behind the protagonist. They are called “extras.” Their names are never credited, but they help tell the story the movie is portraying. We can learn something from the extras around the Crucifixion.
·        Look at the soldiers. Just another day; just another set of orders from the boss. One of them remarked, “truly this is the Son of God.” But it seems to have had no effect on what he did that day; just following orders. As was customary, the soldiers got some free clothing that day.
·        Consider the religious leaders. Their main concern was not justice or mercy but making sure that the religious law was followed and the bodies remove before the day of the Sabbath. The regulations, after all, are the regulations — straight from Moses.
·        There was also the crowd — teaching their children by example that it was perfectly proper to mock the suffering, and it was fun also.
Ordinary people going through an ordinary day. People like us. How often have you said:
·        “Hey, I’m just doing what the boss told me to do.” I have my orders; I’m covered.
·        “That’s what the rules say; that’s why we have rules.” Whatever goes wrong from here on out is somebody else’s fault.
·        “Everybody’s doing it.” Seems to happen a lot, doesn’t it?
You can see it; in a way, we were there with them — sinners all of us. The amazing thing is that Christ was died for the salvation of exactly such sinners — including us.
Communion is a reminder of what he did on our behalf. That day, the spear pierced his side and his blood flowed. We see that, symbolically, in the cup that is before us. His body was broken for us so that we might be saved. That is symbolized in the bread.
As you partake this morning, take an honest look at yourself. See if you fit in with the crowd, the soldiers or the leaders. Confess your sins to Him, and then rely on his love for your forgiveness.

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