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Communion Meditations (2023)



Originally scheduled for May 21

Have you ever considered how much easier it is to learn from an example than it is to learn from a book? Let’s face it; some of us are just not cut out for book learning. Before the printing press this was not a problem. Even today, though, there are advantages to learning from an example. You don’t have to study; you just have to keep your eyes open. If you do, you will see not only the example doing what’s right, but also the world’s reaction. You get to see how other people treat the example. That’s why Christ, in the Sermon on the Mount, gave us that little verse. Combined with his example it lets us see the connection between words and action.
Christ is our example of mercy. We may note certain characteristics of this:
·        His example of mercy is greater than anything we could ever accomplish; the sacrifice on the Cross. We can imitate but we cannot equal such a merciful gift.
·        It is often called “grace” — the word in the original Greek means “gift”, for it was freely given. It is a characteristic of mercy that it is not purchased at the cash register.
·        As He was rewarded by his heavenly Father, so too are the merciful here on earth rewarded — with mercy.
Communion is a regular reminder of the mercy of God. We see in the elements, the bread and the cup, a reminder of the sacrifice he made. He gave up his body and blood so that we might be the recipients of God’s mercy. That alone would make it worth remembering. We might also note that we take this communion frequently, as if to teach us that we should offer mercy to others just as consistently. Perhaps most important of all, the character of mercy shown in communion reminds us that it must be given, not bargained for. As you partake this morning, search your mind see if there is someone to whom you should be showing mercy. Perhaps it is simply the grace of forgiveness that is needed. Then do so quickly, and without thought to cost or pain. Blessed are the merciful.

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