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Communion Meditations (2023)



Originally scheduled for April 30

Easton’s Bible Dictionary, in an article on the purposes of communion, tells us that communion is a badge of the Christian.
A badge of the Christian. A badge can signify many things, but we may focus on these three aspects:
·        Membership. A badge is frequently used to signify that a person is a member of a particular organization.
·        Access. Badges are used to control the access of individuals to certain areas or information. Those who worked in the defense industry will be familiar with this as a way of controlling who gets into what area.
·        Authority. The most common example of badges’ authorities is that of a policeman or other law enforcement officer. The distinctive badge tells you that they have the authority to arrest people, for example.
These three aspects applying Christianity as well. Communion tells the world that you are a member of the church, that you believe what the faith teaches. It proclaims that you want to be an authentic Christian, one who practices what he preaches. It tells the world that you have a lifestyle of a working, practicing Christian.                
More than that, you have access. You have the right to intercede for anyone by going to the Lord of the universe in the sovereign prayer. You are a child of God who can stand before the throne of grace, making your requests known without fear. More than that, you have the privilege of forgiving those who offended you — and making that forgiveness stick. At the same throne of grace you can bring your repentance and ask for your own forgiveness. You are not alone in this; the Holy Spirit is the lead and guide you. Yours is a structured intercession.
You may think you have no authority, but you have more than enough. For example, if you forgive someone else, the Lord counts that forgiveness for that person. You have the authority to spread the gospel — one-on-one or in a large gathering. Perhaps most important of all, when Christ returns if you have suffered with him, you will reign with him.
So, as you partake this morning, do so in an open honesty. Don’t just go through the motions; really mean it. In particular about your repentance. By taking communion you are wearing the bear to the Christian. Be the honest person behind the badge. It is his body and his blood, given for your sins, that you take. Live like the triumphant child of God you are.

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