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Communion Meditations (2023)


Ascension Robes

Originally scheduled for November 12

In the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and forty-four, in the town of Newville,Ohio, many of the townspeople are walking around wearing white robes — ascension robes, to be specific. It seems that one William Miller had written a book telling the world this particular date would be the day the Lord returns, and the townsfolk want to look their best for entry into heaven. This presented a slightly silly look to those who weren’t believers in Miller’s theory. It was not the first time somebody had flubbed the date of our Lord’s return, nor the last. To the nonbeliever in this theory, it must’ve looked rather silly.
It’s the same way today. Radio and television preachers are fond of telling you their predictions about Revelation. The usual reaction divides the congregation into two groups. There are those who are absolutely certain this — and no other – theory is prevailing. Then there are those who are just bewildered by the whole thing. But there is help in the Scriptures! We find this in the Old Testament:
"The anger of the LORD will not turn back Until He has performed and carried out the purposes of His heart; In the last days you will clearly understand it.
(Jeremiah 23:20 NASB)
The important question is not the exact date on which the Lord will return. The important question is, “what do I do until he returns?” May I suggest three general things that must be done.
·         Fight the good fight. Do justice when iniquity comes your way, with the tools that you are given.
·         Do the good work. Make disciples out of those around you. When they come to Christ, teach them what he needs them taught. Do this with all the love you can muster.
·         Keep yourself pure. Make sure you are ready to meet your God — or be an example to others — at all times.
As you approach communion today you should focus on keeping yourself pure. May I suggest three steps?
·         Begin by acknowledging Christ as your Lord as well as your Savior. Both points are essential; communion at least proclaims your salvation.
·         Enter into a time of self-examination. If you see an area in which you need repentance, settle it quickly with your Lord.
·         Then, partake.
As you partake, remember that the bread symbolizes his body broken for you; the cup, his blood. You do this to remember his sacrifice. You do this to acknowledge the atonement in your salvation. You also acknowledge that he is faithful and just to forgive those who repent. Don’t worry about the date of his return; it will be clear to us later.

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