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Communion Meditations (2022)



Originally scheduled for January 30

Perhaps it has never occurred to you, but communion is a major source of the unity of the church. To understand why this is so, we may begin by asking what causes an organization to become divided?

·         One such cause is “Ins and Outs.” Unless diligently pursued, cliques will form and become fossilized with time. But the church of Jesus Christ is designed so that everyone has a place and no one is a “superior.” In Christ we are all one. In communion we take the same elements to show it.

·         We also have problems with “Ups and Downs.” This does not refer to the status of an individual’s task within the church; we all know that different tasks are assigned to different people. But sometimes wicked people who feel they are above certain tasks; too important to do the trivial. But on the night in which Christ instituted communion he also washed the disciples’ feet. This showed us that we are one; the Lord of the universe was not too high to reach down to his disciples’ feet.

One great source of the unity of the church is its common experience. We come from many different backgrounds, but may I point out three things we all have in common:

·         First, we are all sinners. If you were a sinner you wouldn’t need Jesus Christ. There is no sense in the New Testament of being the right kind or wrong kind of sinner. Certainly there is no sense of a sin being something you should be proud of. We share this background.

·         It follows quite logically, therefore, that we are all in need of a Savior. That Savior is Jesus Christ, of course. We are sinners who have done something about it.

·         We share the same hope. The end shall come and Christ shall return and we shall rejoice.

Let’s give some consideration to what each individual can do to promote the unity of the church. May I suggest these things:

·         First, there are going to be disagreements. These should not, however, be conducted in a disagreeable manner. A little politeness goes a long way in keeping the disagreements from becoming virulent argument.

·         It should be obvious also that the unity of the church is greatly promoted by its charity to those less fortunate. Reaching out in brotherly kindness strengthens the bonds of the church — and if you look around, you’ll find plenty of opportunity to do it.

·         Perhaps most difficult: forgive — and accept the forgiveness of others. After all, how will the “others” learn to forgive if you will not accept their forgiveness?

In the bread of communion you consumed the “one body” of Jesus Christ. We don’t have a variety of flavors; we have only one body. One body in communion; one body, His church.

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