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Communion Meditations (2022)


Old Tools

Originally scheduled for November 27

For those who enjoy working with their hands, it can be fun to have a magazine like Woodworker’s Journal. It is a monthly magazine containing plans for projects as simple as a child’s toy or as complex as a Shaker hutch. For those who like woodworking it is a source of good information.
At one time the magazine had a regular feature in which a picture of old tool was displayed. The tool usually dated to the 19th century; the reader was asked to figure out what the tool was.  To determine this you need to figure out what the tool was designed to do. Tools have a purpose which is shown in their construction.
For example, a part of the tool might be made of wood. That part is not something to cut with, but could be a handle. The type of wood is probably not of great significance, but the fact that it is wood tells you something. Similarly, steel parts often show you a cutting or drilling mechanism.
Communion can be analyzed the same way. Just like the tool we must recognize that there is a distinction between what a thing is made of and what the thing really is.
·        Part of communion is bread. It represents the body of Christ. Notice that it is unleavened bread. “Unleavened”, we are taught in the Old Testament, means sinless. Christ was our sinless sacrifice.
·        Depending upon the denomination, we also have either wine or grape juice. Notice that it is not fresh fruit, but something preserved. As such we see the blood of Christ, the fountain of our forgiveness and eternal life.
Like our tools communion must be used properly. This begins with you examining yourself. The purpose of self-examination is to produce the pure heart. That is the tool that is used for seeing God. (See Matthew 5:8). Therefore with God as your witness take stock of yourself and ask his forgiveness. Then partake in a worthy manner.

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