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Communion Meditations (2022)


Old and New

Originally scheduled for September 11

Mankind is a curious species. Other animals live in the present, the “eternal now.” Mankind lives in the present but also lives in eternity. You can see this in our shopping habits. If you go to buy a car, you wanted to have the latest bells and whistles, electronic systems to keep you safe and assist you along the way. You will then take that car and go to an antique store to purchase something expensive because it is rare; and rare because it is old. We see no contradiction in this; it’s how God designed human beings. We crave the new and the wonderful; we crave the old and secure — and no one thinks this to be a contradiction. It’s not; human beings are that way by design. It is no surprise, therefore, that Communion is specifically designed to appeal to both the “now” and the “forever.”
Let’s look at the “now.”
            Communion is a contemporary thing, as it must be taught from generation to generation. It doesn’t come inbred in the human being; we learned from our ancestors. It is therefore new to us.
            It is a reflection of God and his mercy. You will remember the verse which tells us that his mercies are new every morning. Therefore, in communion, you should seek his mercies every time you partake.
            The Orthodox Jew often starts his prayers with the phrase, “Our God, and the God of our fathers.” They know that you have to have both: God must be yours, personally, so that your faith is alive. It must be the God of your fathers so that you are not blown around by every bright idea that comes down the church entryway. Thus it must be learned anew in each generation.
But Communion is also eternal.
            It is based on the atonement — God’s plan for our salvation, created before the world’s began. It was not an emergency measure to rescue creatures gone wrong. It was the plan from the beginning. Therefore, Communion is also part of the plan from the beginning.
            It comes from God, the unchanging one. It is based on his unchanging mercy, on which we can rely for eternity. His mercy is always available.
            It is delivered to us through the church — the body of Christ on this earth. The church is not a temporary thing, but an eternal one. It’s teachings are eternal as well — including Communion.
As you partake this morning remember these things. Lean upon the Rock of Ages; seek forgiveness from the Ancient of Days. As you seek his forgiveness, arrange for your reconciliation with him, and with your Christian brothers and sisters. Seek their forgiveness as well as His. Reconcile your “now” with his eternal purposes. Examine yourself; then partake in the body and blood of Jesus Christ, your Savior.

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