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Communion Meditations (2022)


Check Please

Originally scheduled for February 6

It is a common experience. You go out to dinner and at the end of the evening the waitress presents you with a check. Those of us were a little older than most soon find a problem with this. The font size shrinks as you get older. Before the computer aided cash register, the check was handwritten and mostly illegible. This process is now been computerized so that the bill is presented in a font and size which is almost readable.

But the check is an absolutely necessary item for many people. If you are hosting a business dinner, your expense report will need that receipt. It will be scrutinized in detail by the travel department to make sure you have not purchased something that is forbidden by policy. Even if this is just a personal meal, you might ask the question, “how did I wind up spending so much money?” The details are there in the check. Sometimes you can be surprised but the price of a cup of coffee. Of course, it’s possible that you have been overcharged for something, or they put something on your bill that you didn’t order. Waitresses do make mistakes and this is the chance to correct them. But it all depends on that little piece of paper — the check.

In a way, communion can be viewed as being an opportunity to read over the check presented to Jesus Christ for our salvation. We can ask and answer the question, what did it cost?

·         It cost him his body. This is much more the sacrifice the new might imagine it first, for Christ’s body is the result of divine incarnation. Christ went from being God in purest form to being God in the flesh. The culmination of the process becoming human, growing up and ultimately walking among us is his sacrifice on the cross.

·         Christ performed his miracles, especially healings in a bodily fashion. His body represents to us God coming to our rescue. All possible future miracles by Christ himself were therefore cut off.

·         It cost him his blood. The Old Testament law was very specific: the sacrifice had to bleed to death. The Jew was taught that life is in the blood.

·         It was an innocent sacrifice of his blood; thus making it incredibly more precious.

·         It was accompanied with a well practiced ritual imposing shame upon the person. This wasn’t done quietly in the back room, but in front of a mob.

Now you know the price that was paid; then comes the question, how is this going to influence you? What should you do about it?

·         Start by knowing your self. Go through the process of self-examination and discover the sinner you are. When you know the truth about yourself, you can start to do something about it.

·         Know the Truth Himself. The primary strategy for living the Christian life is the imitation of Christ. The more you know about him, the closer you can approach his example.

·         Then set your life’s course from the sinner you are to the Savior he is. Follow his example.

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