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Communion Meditations (2022)


Cast of Characters

Originally scheduled for August 28

A fairly common phenomenon in movies which normally don’t contend for an Academy Award is the presence of the character, usually female, who serves no discernible purpose in the plot. In the worst of cases it can be an absolute puzzle as to why the writers put this character into the film. There is a common if unfortunate answer: she’s the producer’s girlfriend.
You can see the problem this creates for the viewer. Particularly if the film involves a bit of mystery this can leave the viewer quite confused. The only real solution is to use characters which are really necessary to the plot.
Communion involves three characters. Each has a different purpose and function. It is necessary to have each person to understand communion.
Jesus Christ
The purpose of communion is the remembrance of Jesus Christ and what he did for us. He is, therefore, the first and most essential person in our drama. So what do we remember him for?
            First, we should remember him for the incarnation. He didn’t have to come to earth; his birth was not an accident but part of God’s plan for humanity. It is a tremendous change on his part, to be confined to the human body. CS Lewis called it the supreme miracle — because all of his other miracles depend upon this. He is God in the flesh. That’s something to remember.
            We should remember him for his atonement – his sacrifice on the cross. He paid the price that we could not pay for our sins. He did so voluntarily, following his Father’s will. Only he could make that sacrifice — and that’s something to remember.
            We also should remember his resurrection, particularly as it is the forerunner of our resurrection to come. Christ is the firstfruits of the resurrection to come, at His return. A glorious day that will be — and that’s something to remember.
If there is something to be remembered, someone must do the remembering — and that is you. The purpose of remembering his sacrifice is not just so that you may honor him, but also that you may examine yourself.
            As you do, it should be obvious — again — that you are a sinner. It should come as no surprise, but you should acknowledge the obvious. Let him know that you know.
            This should become a cause for action — you should examine your self. Details, please! Examine yourself and determine which sins these might be. Then prepare yourself to do something about them.
            Then, by his resurrection power, seek his forgiveness as you offer your repentance. It is likely that you will need to seek his assistance as well as his forgiveness. We’re not very good at self-propelled repentance. His grace is freely available to all who ask.
The Church

No one likes to be pointed out as the “Sinner-of-the-Month.” It is therefore quite a relief to discover that you were amongst a collection of sinners. It’s called the church. The church is the body of Christ on earth, and therefore has amongst its missions the problem of dealing with other people’s sins. Take comfort in this, and ask for help as needed.
            Indeed, much of the church’s work is devoted to preventing or fixing sin. You should not feel like you are a  “victim” of this work but rather a participant in it. We all need help; we all should give it.
            The function of the church is largely that of fellowship. You are working out the problems of life with the accompaniment of your fellow Christians who partake this common meal with you. We all have something in common; we are all sinners saved by His grace. Let us now join together in the meal that unites all Christians. Welcome to His table!

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