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Communion Meditations (2022)


Blood Test

Originally scheduled for October 9

It is not uncommon, especially for older people, to have a regularly scheduled  blood test. The medical profession considers this a reliable way to examine the patient with only one stick of the needle. Some small number of vials of blood are drawn and sent to a lab to be examined. The tests may check for one particular condition; they could also check for the possibility of a variety of problems. Each time you take such a test, you hope that nothing shows up. But if something does show up in the blood test, it is a prelude to action on the part of the doctor. It’s a small sting, but well worth the trouble.
Communion carries within it a similar type of test. We are commanded to examine ourselves spiritually. You can see the similarities.
            It’s something we do regularly; it needs to be repeated. Satan doesn’t take a break from tempting you.
            The test is customized for you — after all, you are the one doing the examining of your spiritual life.
            The results of the test are intended to produce action. This may mean forgiving someone; asking someone for forgiveness or following up on some good work that needs to be done.
The results are worth a few minutes that you spend on the Master’s behalf. It reminds you that you are never perfect, but always can improve.
The connection between communion and a blood test comes from the fact that they both involve the use of blood. You bleed red just like He did. You give a little blood for diagnostic purposes. His blood was given for your atonement, that you might have forgiveness of your sins. The doors of heaven are open because of his blood. Therefore, take this communion in a worthy, reverent manner. Both in the examination of yourself and the taking of the elements, do these things with a pure heart and intention, remembering what your Lord did for you.

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