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Communion Meditations (2021)



Originally scheduled for September 19

Practically all churches, and all denominations, have a series of formal ceremonies called Rites. Let me spell that for you: RlIlTlElS. It’s not the same word as “rights” or “writes.” The number of such ceremonies varies by the church or denomination, but two that are almost universally recognized are baptism and communion. Such a ceremony is usually associated with something of great importance in the church. Baptism is associated with entry into the church; communion celebrates the death, burial and resurrection of Christ.

What you might not have noticed about these two ceremonies, in particular communion, is that there is no distinction between the sexes in either of these. It’s the same communion for male as it is for female. This may seem obvious, but in the early church they looked to the Old Testament law in which there was plenty of such distinction. The entry ritual was circumcision! Communion is a good example Paul’s statement:


There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free man, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

(Galatians 3:28 NASB)


We recognize that male and female are not necessarily interchangeable parts. So in what way do we recognize this equality in communion?

·        Men and women are equally the object of divine love. That love is infinite; that which is infinite has no degrees.

·        They have the same spiritual privileges. Both are indwelt by the Holy Spirit; both share the same Lord, the same faith and the same baptism. They are part of one family — the family of God.

·        All of us are in service to the same Lord, and are obedient to him. The blessings of obedience are not reserved for one sex.

·        We all hold to the same hopes and expectations — the return of our Lord, the judgment to come in the new Heaven and new Earth.

So how should the child of God react to this?

·        Take it seriously. Look at this not just as an empty ritual but a recognition who you really are, eternally.

·        Rejoice in your salvation! Don’t take it for granted.

·        Remember — you are a child of God. Communion is a reminder of that. So during the week, act like a child of God – love one another.

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