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Communion Meditations (2021)


One of a Kind

Originally scheduled for January 17

In the 19th chapter of the book of Leviticus, Moses reviews the Ten Commandments for the people of Israel. To emphasize each of these commandments, he ends his little lessons with the same phrase: “I am the Lord your God.” It seems just like a place marker if you read it through quickly. But if you pay some attention to it you will see it is an extremely important phrase.

·         “I AM.” It is the very name of God, the self existent one. He is the one being who must exist, for the the universe borrows the idea of existence from him. If He doesn’t exist, nothing else does either.

·         “The Lord.” The one who rules over this universe by right of creation. His Lordship over all things is an essential part of his character. He cannot refuse to be Lord.

·         “Your God.” The giver of all good and gracious gifts, the God especially associated with you. The God who proclaims you to be his child.

These things alone would be quite sufficient as cause for us to worship him. But now consider what he did for us.

·         He entered into his own universe in the form of a human being. He became completely man. The ruler of all things became one of us. It would be like you becoming Daffy Duck.

·         In his adult life, he walked the earth with a few disciples, being the example of all things righteous and the teacher of all things good. He could have left it to us to find out by experiment — but he is the way, the truth and the life. He left nothing to chance.

·         His main purpose in coming was to serve as our atonement. His primary purpose for becoming human is summed up at his death, burial and resurrection — He is the sacrifice which covers our sins.

Communion is a reminder of these things. Considering the cosmic scale of what he has done and the importance of his sacrifice for our eternal life, he has left us with a very simple ritual to be performed to remind us of these things.

·         As you partake from the cup, you are tasting his blood. As you eat the bread, you are tasting his body. You do this to remember what he has done for you.

·         You also declare by taking this cup that you anticipate his return to earth in glory and power. You also declare that this is the beginning of the great judgment, where in Christ will judge the living and the dead in accordance with what they have done.

·         Finally, you proclaim by taking communion that you believe that his kingdom will have no end — it will last forever and ever, hallelujah!

It’s a very heavy load of meaning in a very light meal. Treat it with reverence and dignity, making peace with your Lord as you do.

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