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Communion Meditations (2021)


Mercy Seat

Originally scheduled for January 10

Ever since Indiana Jones got involved with it, the Ark of the Covenant has been a familiar item to millions of moviegoers. Just for reference, here is one artist’s interpretation of what it looked like.

Ark of the Covenant

We may add a little bit of detail to the picture here. The ark contained the tablets on which Moses inscribed the 10 Commandments, the rod of Aaron and a pot of manna — all items which could be used as indictments against the people of Israel. The ark itself was so sacred it was not to be touched by human hands; in at least one instance the person who did touch it died instantly. Most interesting of all is the top cover. This is called the Mercy Seat and is also known as the Atonement Cover. It is the place where God appeared to Moses and later the high priests.

The cover itself had a number of interesting characteristics which point to Christ.

·         The cover itself was made from pure gold, symbolizing the eternal nature of God’s mercy. The gold itself was contributed as part of a free will offering, not taxation. It’s a sign that God’s mercy is free and cannot be bought.

·         The two angels you see on the cover are cherubim. As cherubim do, they are worshiping God; their wings also overshadow the cover. How often have you been told to shelter in God’s wings which will overshadow you?

·         When the ark was dedicated, it was dedicated and purified with blood — a forerunner of the crucifixion, purifying us through the blood of Christ.

·         How often in the Old Testament does the Scripture say that God is “enthroned between the cherubim.” The mercy seat is the Old Testament version of the throne of grace.

As the Ark of the Covenant was a visible sign to the people of Israel, so Communion is a visible sign to the Christian. There are many parallels.

·         Communion is offered to us freely by God, for the mercy of God is beyond price.

·         It is offered to us at the price of the atonement, which could only have been paid by the Perfect Sacrifice of Jesus Christ.

·         Like the Ark, it is sacred, for in this ceremony we handle the body and blood of Jesus Christ, our Savior.

Therefore, prepare yourself for communion correctly. Examine yourself; ask forgiveness wherein you have sinned and plan your repentance. Then, with the reverence suited for the utterly holy, partake.

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