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Communion Meditations (2021)



Originally scheduled for August 29

One of the minor mysteries of life that people encounter is this: how does that guy blow up and make a balloon animal? It’s not that hard to do; it just looks that way.

·        First, get the right kind of balloon. Inflate it to the right length, leaving about 6 inches at the end. It’s best if you have a pump to do this; those balloons are very tough to inflate by mouth.

·        Twist the pieces around in accordance with the set of diagrams you got with the balloons. At first this looks rather complicated but by the time you finish your third one it will be obvious how it’s done. The difference between a giraffe and a wiener dog is just the length of the various segments.

·        Present the result to a child about five years of age and ask them what they think it is. Be prepared for unusual results; your author once made a giraffe which was carefully identified by its recipient as being a swan.

By way of comparison, communion comes with instructions too these must be followed to get good results, just like making a balloon animal results from following those instructions.

·        We are instructed to use the ancient recipe for Passover; bread and wine. Many churches substitute grape juice for wine.

·        We are to partake in memory of the sacrifice of Christ. We are to remember what this is all about.

·        As part of this process we are to examine ourselves. We are to seek out that which is sinful and plan for our repentance.

·        We are to do this with total sincerity — in a “worthy manner.”

In so doing you produce a result. That result is a series of proclamations — things you are telling the world to be true to your personal knowledge.

·        You proclaim the Lord’s death — and thus his resurrection and return — when you do this. It is the basic element of the faith. You state that you believe.

·        You proclaim also the unity of the church, the brotherhood of those who partake with you and believe as you do.

·        You proclaim this until the Lord comes again — which means you proclaim the second coming of our Lord to judge the living and the dead.

As we partake together this morning, follow these instructions. Do so in complete sincerity, remembering that you proclaim the Lord’s death, the unity of the church and the judgment of the dead.

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