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Communion Meditations (2021)


Everyone Eligible

Originally scheduled for June 20

When talking to someone who doesn’t know much about Christianity, it is common to encounter certain expectations of just what it takes to become a Christian. Some people feel that a certain number of good deeds is a requirement. You have to pass the entrance exam, so to speak. This takes a number of forms:

·         “I’m as good as you are…” If I can compare myself to somebody who thinks he’s going to heaven, and I decide that I’m better than he is, I get in!

·         “I went to the right church when I was a kid.” In other words, I have the right family credentials.

·         “I took care of that… I made a big offering to the church.” It’s just a matter of knowing how much they want.

The only problem with this particular theory is that it’s false. That’s not how God works at all. There is the other end of the spectrum, however: those who think they’re not getting in heaven. Why?

·         “I’ve done something completely unforgivable.”

·         “I’ve committed the unforgivable sin (whatever that is.)”

It appears there are socially acceptable sins as well as socially unacceptable sins. God makes no such distinction.


God’s method is based on a different point of view.

·         Sins must be paid for. That’s why the ancient Israelites had animal sacrifices prescribed for them. Ultimately, however, it would take the sacrifice of Christ to do what the animal sacrifices could not — take away sin.

·         Nothing you can do will take away sin. This is why the Cross was necessary. Only God could deal with our sin. It was out of his great love for mankind that Christ went to the Cross.

That’s why communion is open to all who believe. It is a reflection of the fact that God’s grace is open to “whosoever will.”

·         As you take the bread, remember that this represents his body. Out of God’s great love it was given over to death for you, and for me.

·         As you take the cup, remember this represents his blood, shed for you. Only God’s great love would send his Son to the Cross for our salvation.

Finally, as you do, give thanks to God. Our theories about how to handle sin don’t work; his way works for everyone. Therefore, give praise and thanks to God for what he has done for us.

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