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Communion Meditations (2021)



Originally scheduled for January 3

When my children were small, one of the movies they loved the most was Disney’s Aladdin. The movie was a great success. This was due in no small part to the talents of Robin Williams, the comedian, who gave voice to the genie in the film. At one point, the genie is asked why he lives inside a lamp. The reply was simple; “it’s a package deal. Vast cosmic powers and itty-bitty living quarters.”

The genie is just a legend, of course, but the comparison between the genie and Christ is a fruitful one. No greater power could exist than that which belongs to Jesus Christ, the creator of the universe through whom all things were made. Yet he chose to become a human being like the rest of us, confining himself to a human body and to a human fate — death. We might look at it in detail from the night of the Last Supper.

·         He accepted the betrayal of Judas. He even reached out to him by washing his feet with the other disciples.

·         He did this at a Passover supper, knowing that he was about to become the ultimate Passover lamb, sacrificed for our sins.

It is the greatest example of humility among the great. In doing this, he set an example for us. It is the Christian’s duty to imitate Christ, and we see in communion and the Last Supper some very great examples to imitate.

·         We take communion regularly because Christ implemented this ritual to be done in remembrance of him. At the very least we can be obedient in that.

·         By washing the disciples’ feet he said an example of humility. If the greatest among us can serve the least, what task is beneath a Christian?

·         By washing Judas’ feet he said an example of accepting others. We are not a happy chorus of automatons; we are human beings. We cannot automatically accept everyone into our fellowship without effort. Our Lord opened his arms and his service to one and all. We should do likewise.

The process of preparation for communion include self-examination. That self-examination should include an accounting of those who might have unsettled grievances with you. Do not let the day pass without making the effort to reconcile, for Christ’s greatest example is that on the Cross he reconciled the human race to God Almighty.


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