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Communion Meditations (2021)



Originally scheduled for March 14

It is a lesson that every Christian must learn. You come to a point in your life when you have some excellent advice to give to God; the question is, how to deliver it? There are several methods.

·         The first method is probably the most obvious. You tell God your plan — your entire plan — and outline his part in it. This has the advantage of showing what a genius you are. It also allows God to participate.

·         When that doesn’t work, the second method arises. This time you tell God only part of your plan — the part of the plan where he participates, clearly outlining his responsibilities and the time he has to complete them. It’s important to be explicit, but also to leave out the extraneous details. He is, after all, a busy God.

·         When these have failed, usually with an annoying display of God showing you a better way, you adopt the third method. This consists of not telling God anything, but implementing your plan and assuming God knows what part to play. This is often referred to as the Wile E. Coyote method. It has the same consistent success rate.

The process of giving advice to God has certain flaws. The main thing that is objectionable is the sheer arrogance of giving advice to God in the first place. It has the attitude of, “hold my beer, God, and watch this!” As Paul illustrates it, you are the clay giving advice to the potter on what ought to be done. If you carry this through the implementation, the result is often some form of embarrassment. It’s particularly the case when your wife asks you why you didn’t ask her first. The one benefit of this experience is that you learn something: you recognize that you need help. You are not to be the giver of advice but the recipient of God’s mercy.

That’s the human condition. We’re not perfect; we are all sinners and in need of a Savior God has provided for us our salvation, not of our own doing. This was done by Christ on the Cross. Now, if you will notice, we sometimes learn this lesson about giving advice to God more than once. If you wait a while without some sort of reminder, you forget what happened last time. For that reason God continues to remind us that we have accepted his offer of grace. Our salvation is not from ourselves, but from Him. We need to be reminded of this regularly.

Therefore he has given us communion. In the bread we see his body; in the cup we see his blood. He asks that we do this in remembrance of Him. It is important that we do it with the proper attitude. Therefore, examine yourself and see if He is reminding you of changes you need to make in your life. Repent and begin to make amends as may be needed. The bread and the cup are your reminders. Take them seriously, as they deserve.

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