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Communion Meditations (2019)



Originally scheduled for December 29

Consider, if you will, a rather ordinary sight on our roads: the T intersection. Your driving down a particular road and it ends in a street crossing at 90°. There are two lanes, clearly labeled for a left turn and a right turn. There’s a sign on the streetlight above which says the same thing. The intersection illustrates the type of decision you’re going to make.

·         You must choose which way to go. Your choice probably depends on where you’re trying to go, but you have to make it.

·         You bear the consequences of this decision. If you choose the wrong turning you may wind up in the middle of nowhere. Is it possible you might want to consult a roadmap?

·         If you pick the wrong direction, it’s not the fault of the guy who made the street sign. Nor is it the fault of the fellow who painted the left and right turn arrows on the pavement. They simply made your decision clearer — you still made the decision.

·         Finally, the result is easily visible to all who want to look at it. This includes backseat navigators, too.

Communion presents such a choice to you each Sunday. It is a decision point in your life.

·         You must choose to partake, or refrain. There is no ambiguity in this.

·         You bear the consequences. If you decide to partake, you bear the reproach of being a Christian. You will recall that all Christians are told that they will suffer some form of persecution in their life. Of course, you also know that he is both Lord and Savior, and you owe him your obedience.

·         The choice is yours; it’s not the fault of the guy offering the communion meditation. He’s just painting the signs.

·         The result of your choice is on display quite publicly, both here in the church and in your life throughout the next week.

Perhaps you have this choice down to being an automatic “yes”. If so, may I encourage you to follow the steps that Christ has laid out for this ceremonial meal.

·         Before anything else, examine your self. See if there is repentance required; if so, determine now that you will do it.

·         As you take this meal, remember that it is in memory of his sacrifice on the cross — a sacrifice which bought your salvation.

·         Take it in anticipation of his return on the Day of Judgment.

Communion — a milepost in the pilgrimage which is your life.


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