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Communion Meditations (2019)



Originally scheduled for September 1

It is a curious point. In meditating aloud on communion, it frequently occurs to us to praise God for the great things he has done. This is fitting and proper. But at the same time we sometimes forget to give thanks for these great things. We feel as if giving praise is the same thing as giving thanks, which it is not. If it is fitting and proper to praise God, it is fitting and proper to give thanks to God.

We might ask, what should we be thankful for? Here are a few things for which our thanks are fitting and proper:

·         The atonement. It is the central fact of Christianity that Christ sacrificed himself on the Cross to atone for our sins. It is worthy of praise; it deserves thanks.

·         You might also add thanks for including us. After all, the Old Testament makes it clear that God was dealing entirely with the Jews and nobody else. He could have limited salvation to the Jews. Of his love, he did not. We are on the team.

·         He also could’ve left us alone after the atonement with a remark like, “I’ll be back.” He didn’t; he left us the Holy Spirit to be our indwelling guide and comforter. Without the Cross this would not have happened.

·         Communion is also a point of remembrance that he promised to return again, bringing all Christians of all times with him. There is much debate as to what this means, but we know that it means joy to all who are saved. We know how the mystery turns out; the church wins.

You might want to carry this thought through the week. It is a fitting point for any set of prayers to include being thankful for these things:

·         That your sins are forgiven.

·         That you are not alone, but are part of the fellowship of the church, Christ’s body here on earth. Christianity is not a solo flight.

·         That the day gets ever sooner when he shall return to judge the living and the dead.

Christ intended communion to be a memorial; “this do in remembrance of me.” In your remembrance, do not forget your thanksgiving.


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