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Communion Meditations (2019)



Originally scheduled for January 6

Matthew 11:25-26

One of the more popular forms of literature in English is the mystery novel. The word “mystery” is also used in the New Testament, and shares certain characteristics with detective fiction.

·         The solution to the problem presented is revealed, not discovered by the reader. The brilliant detective does the revealing; you, the reader, just get to watch.

·         In hindsight — once the solution has been revealed — you can see the clues to the correct solution were available from the very first chapter.

·         The solution is, according to the great detective, “elementary.” It’s simple; but only after it is revealed.

God uses that same word, “mystery”, but he adds to this certain characteristics:

·         The solution is hidden from the wise. He makes sure that the intelligent, brilliant scholar cannot possibly figure it out. This doesn’t prevent them from trying, of course. In hindsight it’s obvious, but in the meanwhile it is hidden from the brilliant.

·         It is not hidden from those who have a childlike faith. They understand they are believing what God has told them, not something they understand. These are the people who know that you do not have to understand something to believe it. They just see it and take it with a childlike faith.

·         One key characteristic of God’s revelations is that he reveals these things through His Son. Just like the mystery writer, God has chosen to reveal his mysteries through a particular person. Jesus is, if you will, God’s Sherlock Holmes.

In a very real sense, communion is one of those revelations. It reveals to us in very terse symbols the plan of God for the ages.

·         It reveals to us the atonement. This is something that would’ve been obvious to the Jews of the first century, but has to be explained to somebody in the modern age. It reminds us that someone else has paid the price for our sins.

·         It reveals to us the resurrection. By the power the Holy Spirit Jesus came forth from the grave. By that same power, God’s children shall rise at the last judgment in much the same way.

·         It reveals to us the love that God has for his children. Greater love has no man than he lay down his life for his friends; communion reminds us Jesus did just that.


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