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Communion Meditations (2019)



Originally scheduled for October 20

Organizations usually develop a character all their own. This character can be seen and explored in phases. There is usually an entry ritual of some sort (think about being a new hire at a corporation.) Sometimes there’s even a name for this, rookie.

Perhaps a bit more subtle is the fact that they usually have a ritual to confirm that people continue to be in the organization. Baseball fans sing Take Me out to the Ballgame, during the seventh inning stretch. Sometimes the organist will play Three Blind Mice when the umpires take the field. Very often the organist has a melody that he or she plays for each given player on the team. This contributes to team spirit; those who know which melody means which player are taken to be true fans.

These rituals define “who is in” and what they’re doing. Some of them are “everybody” rituals; others are not. But the existence of these rituals define what kind of organization this is.

The Christian organization is the church. Baptism is the entry ritual; Communion is the ongoing ritual. We can take a look at communion’s characteristics as they apply to our organization:

·         Communion is not elaborate, but simple. This implies a clarity of purpose which all can understand.

·         Communion is inexpensive, which implies the church is open to all, not just the rich.

·         Communion is solemn, which implies that it is extremely important.

·         Communion’s purpose is to remember; therefore we all have a shared heritage.

So, as you partake of Communion today, may I suggest that you do the following:

·         Give thanks that what you do is a simple act, transparent and honest. God knows you are a sinner; in the act of Communion you acknowledge it.

·         Give thanks that there is no admission charge for communion; rather recognize the commitment of your life that this implies. It’s not about money; it’s about your soul.

·         Do this in a worthy manner, befitting the solemnity of the occasion. Examine yourself in honesty and accept his forgiveness with gratitude.

·         As you partake, bring to mind are shared heritage — the sacrifice of Christ on the Cross.

You are a part of the church; you belong. This is how everyone knows it.

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