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Communion Meditations (2019)



Originally scheduled for August 25

Have you ever considered just how great, powerful and mighty the typical Christian is? Consider the following:

·         You, the typical Christian, are commanded to approach boldly the throne of grace. The ruler of the universe has found it necessary to order you to come to his throne to seek his favor and his grace.

·         You are also proclaimed to be an ambassador of reconciliation, an ambassador of Christ. You are the official representative of the kingdom of God.

·         And should anyone ask why such honor has been bestowed on you, you might simply answer that you are a child of God, a joint heir of Christ.

Kindly note that these honors and titles are conferred upon us; they are not something we have earned. They are given with the injunction to humility. Indeed, Paul tells us that we have these treasures in vessels of clay so that those around us will not mistake the ambassador for the King. Humility is still required.

You are someone who regularly eats at God’s table. And what a table it is!

·         It was established by the divine authority of Christ, who told us that all authority in heaven and on earth was given to him. By that authority, we are commanded to partake.

·         This table was established not just by authority but by paying the price. Indeed the greatest price possible was paid for this, the life of the Suffering Servant. You eat what his death made possible.

·         This meal is of surpassing importance to the Christian, though we may not understand how this works. We are told that we are here to partake of the body and blood of Christ, thus joining us to him as tightly as possible.

Therefore, may I implore you to take communion seriously? It is not “just a ritual.” It is not something that we do in blind obedience, not caring what it really means. Rather we know quite well that it means the body and blood of Christ. We are commanded therefore to take this meal with self-examination. That examination should lead to repentance, and a closer walk with God. When you have finished, you go forth from this place as one who has the power to intercede with Almighty God for those around you. You go forth as his ambassador of reconciliation; indeed you go forth as his child. Remember these things as you partake today.

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